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    • 山水園-天目湖山水園景區
    • 南山竹海-天目湖南山竹海景區
    • 天目湖御水溫泉

    Enjoy Original Ecology Water, only in Tianmu Lake Water Park.
    East China Original Ecology Water Park?? Sunshade & Sunscreen Take a cool original ecology water-playing trip
    Tianmu Lake Water Park, being located in Jiangsu Liyang Class 5A Tianmu Lake Landscape Garden, is sun-proof and near mountains and by rivers,? which is an unique water park close to the lake and with natural landscape in Eastern China. It can be said to a ecological water park in Asia.
    Tianmu Lake? Alkalescence Water Source It is one of the ten thousand scarcity in the world.
    The water source in Tianmu Lake Water Park is a kind of alkalescence? water and has been treated by an advanced water circulation treatment system. It is also own strict water quality detection system. The water treated is clear and pure, safe and advance. Even more, Baby could enjoy the hydrophobic happiness.
    The World Project last for 3 years is the Asia Ecologic Water Park.
    Tianmu? Lake? Water Park is the product of Canada Whitewater Company, an equipment supplier around world. It becomes a famous water park in China and around world. There is a first project of “Giant Bowl-style Slide”in China achieved honors of“the World Best and Newest Aquatic Amusement Equipment”and other projects, such as“Python Slide” and Giant Bowl-style Slide”.
    Tianmu Lake Park at Night?? ?The night is more wonderful , the atmosphere is more splendid. And hot activities are one climax after another.
    The dynamic and powerful music grand stage shows you moving dances, rock bands with passion and wild excitement, etc., which all merge together with the supper stage styles. The wonderful conformance are your best choices. In order to? rejoice with wild excitement day and night, Tianmu Lake at Night is the best one, which guide you to spend? night life during Summer Holiday.
    Exotic charming dances lead you to a peak of happiness.
    Music, hot dances, bikini, limelight, spindrift, yawp, etc, lead you into a unique water amusement kingdom.
    Services in Class 5A Scenic Area
    Tianmu Lake Water Park is managed by a professional team with 10 years 5A scenic area management experiences. The impeccable safety facilities care your safety and health by equipment security monitoring and controlling around 24 hours. We will try our best to offer a safe and comfortable amusing environment and remarkable quality services for your enjoyment.

    • Landscape Culture
    • Misty Rain of Jiangnan
    • Longxing Rural Feeling
    • Movable Feeling with Water
    • Baby Paradise
    • Rural Farming Interest
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